Automated appointment reminders are generated from your facility's scheduled patient list.  Tight integration between your facility's Scheduling and MEDICON's Pre Reg Tracking modules means "hands-off" functionality.

Control  which patients receive what type of reminder.  MEDICON offers email, SMS text, and text to voice reminders. During the Pre Reg process, simply confirm the patient's desire to receive a reminder and designate which type of reminder they wish to receive.  Patient's can receive multiple reminders and multiple types of reminders.

If you are currently using a staff for reminder calls, MEDICON Patient Reminders can immediatley free up you entire reminder FTE's.  If you are not currently using reminders, immediate ROI can be recognized simply by reducing the number of no shows which mean increased revenue.

Appointment reminders can facilitate hospital outpatient or surgical visits as well as doctor's office appointments.

Patients have the ability to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments either by phone, text, or email.
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