Tightly integrated with key tracking modules such as Outpatient Tracking, Inpatient Tracking, and Surgery Tracking, MEDICON's Patient Trasnsport module allows patient care staff to make requests for transport for any patient including ER patients.  Track inpatients to MRI for example or inpatients to surgery. Transport requests can be scheduled in coordination with a scheduled test (ex. Inpatient to MRI).  Transport requests can also be made on the fly (ER to CT for example).  Transport status is reflected in the real-time tracker.  Transport requests can be sent to Transport Team pagers or cell phones.  Bidirection communication via SMS allows transport team to respond to requests as well as  log pick ups and drop offs without the use of a computer (or clipboard!).

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Place visual patient transport request for patients.

Improve communication between the Transport Hub and the Transport Team out on the floors.

Instantly update patient transport status.

Eliminate  manual logging via clipboard.

Page Transport Staff.

Bidirectional Communication via SMS texting and cell phone.

Visually identifiy patients in transport status.

Transport event logs and reports.

Benefits and Features
Patient Transport