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Outpatient Tracking
The Outpatient Tracking Module is MEDICON's most comprehensive patient tracking module. Outpatient Tracking is actually comprised of several sub modules.  Facilities can choose basic Staff Assisted Check-In or Kiosk Self Check-In or can add modules to include Pre Registration Tracking, Registration Tracking, and Appointment Level Tracking for complete start to finish tracking. Add Fax Order Management and attach orders to patients that follow them through the entire visit. Integration with you host archiving system ensures automatic long term storage in your EMR.

Barcoding assists patient tracking through modalities. Active RFID functionality offers the ultimate in "hands-free" tracking.  If RFID technology is not in your budget, MEDICON's intuitive "point and click" windows UI makes patient tracking affordable for any budget.

The modules that make up Outpatient Tracking are as follows:

  • Pre Registration Tracking
  • Active Check-In
  • Registration Management
  • Appoint Level Tracking
Enables staff to quickly and easily check in "Scheduled", "Pre",  and "Walk in" patients.

Cross references scheduled patients in host system.

Pre Registered patients can by-pass registration.

“add-on” non schedulable tests such as lab or x-ray

Take patient's photo.

Place patient's on hold.

POS scanning of physician orders, driver's license, insurance card, etc.

Search for and attach electronic orders received via MEDICON's electronic fax receiving module Fax Order Management

Visual notifications alertiing staff of pre registration status including insurance verification, patient financial responsibilty.

Self refreshing "Active Check In" list is displayed on staff PC's.
Pre Registration Tracking
Active Check-In
Registration Management
Appointment Level Tracking

Active Check-In offers a variety of Check-In options for every need.

  • Kiosk Check-In
  • Staff Assisted Check-In
  • Active Check-In Desktop
  • Supports Check-In for Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Physician Offices, and satellite facilities.
Pre Registration Tracking is a companion to your host scheduling system and allows your facility to determine the true Pre Registration status of a patient.  Many host systems do not offer the ability to differentiate between the various levels of Pre Registration.

  • Provides daily worklists to ensure Patient's Pre Reg status is complete as possible.
  • Offers a dashboard with everyting in one place; appointments, faxed orders, add on non scheduled tests, financial obligation, insurance verification status, Pre Certification status, overall Pre Registration status.
  • Color code patients Green, Yellow, or Red based on level of Pre Registration.
  • "Check-In" Staff immediatley knows if patient is fully Pre'd or if patient needs to see a registrar.
  • Kiosk Check-In knows if patient is fully Pre'd of if patient needs to see a registrar.
  • Visual indicators help identify what criteria are still outstanding (Consent Form, Patient Payment, etc).
Registration Management is designed to organize your lobby and facilitate your registrars in selecting the next patient to be registered. Registration Management offers the following functions:

  • Virtual Registration Rooms so you can see Reg Room activity.
  • Real Time self refreshing status updates.
  • Running durations for wait times.
  • Priority assignment based on appt type and/or special circumstances.
  • Provides a Registration Queue based on priority, appt time, and arrival time.
  • Ability to place patient's on hold for any number of reasons including no physician signature or diagnosis code.
  • Integration with paging systems such as JTech and Long Range Systems.
  • POS document imaging and upload to host archival system.
  • Record registration desk times.
  • Productivity reports by Registrar or Reg Room.
  • Seamless integration with Fax Order Management.
Appointment Level Tracking is the final step in complete Outpatient Tracking.  Track patient from modality waiting room to treatment and back to the waiting room in the case of patients with multiple appointments.

  • Calculate wait times by patient, location, or facility.
  • Calculate treatment times by patent, location, or facility.
  • Displays realtime self refreshing status updates and running dureations.
  • Customized visual alerts and notifications.
  • With integrated paging, techs can page their own patients.
  • With patient photos, techs can visually identify patients in lieu of calling names or using pagers.
  • Instant access to on-line orders eliminates the need for paper orders.
  • Calculate productivity by department.
  • Calculate Average Visit Times start to finish by department.