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Patient self check in via kiosk.

Swipe driver’s license or credit card.

Cross references scheduled patients in host system.

Pre Registered patients can by-pass registration.

Scheduled patients may “add-on” non schedulable tests such as lab or x-ray.

Walk In patients can select modalities to visit (optional and customizable).

Customizable welcome screen.

Self refreshing "Check In" list is displayed on staff PC's.

Scheduled and Walk In patients appear in main Patient Tracking Desktop and are queued for next available registrar.

Kiosk Self Check-In
The Patient Kiosk module enables patients to avoid long check in lines and check themselves in using a simple swipe
of their driver’s license. The Patient Kiosk software is customized to each site depending on how much interaction
you want to give your patients. Variations include a solution as simple as allowing patients to “check-in” by printing
a number enabling a first come first serve registration process.  More complex and interactive solutions might include
direct departmental check in for PRE’d patients bypassing registration all together. Recurring LAB patients can check in to LAB using driver’s license or “LAB FastTracK” membership badge. Patient Kiosk can also accept patient payments and accept electronic signature.

Integration with your host scheduling system allows MEDICON to search the day’s appointments for a match.  Walk-In patients?  No problem. The MEDICON Kiosk solution accommodates walk in patients for non scheduled tests. When used in conjunction with MEDICON’s Pre Reg Tracking module, varying degrees of PRE status can easily be differentiated. Depending on the level of Pre Reg, patients can be directed to wait for a registrar or proceed directly to the department.

Used alone, patients appear in an active check in list. Used with other tracking modules, your staff can take advantage of the robust functionality that is offered to help you manage your waiting rooms more efficiently.

Patient Kiosk accepts driver’s licenses and any membership badges produced by the MEDICON badging routines. Badging is available for Employee, Lab Membership, Financial Assistance, and other specialty programs.

Benefits and Features