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Automated, electronic, and centralized physician order fax reception.

Receive and catalog all faxed orders, referrals, etc via digital imaging

Document dictionary allows you to catalog any type of documents.

All physician faxes for scheduled and non scheduled test that are received and catalogued prior to their visit are instantly available on-line to the patient care staff.

Point and click windows interface.

Fax Viewer available for Scheduling, Pre Registrtaion, Registration, Medical Records, Business Office, or any department requiring viewing capabilities.

Completely paperless .

Integrates with all other CareTrackPlus modules.

Integration with any ADM/SCH systems including but not limited to MEDITECH and Cerner.

Custom Folders.

Outbound capabilities.

Receive up to 8 faxes or more at one time (limited only by your hardware configuration).

Integration with your host Scheduling system allows your staff to catalog faxes directly to a patient record with just a few keystrokes.

Integration with you archiving system allows for images to be uploaded to your host system for long term archival in you existing EMR.

The Fax Order Management module provides a centralized electronic fax reception and cataloging solution for physician orders, admission referrals, etc. eliminating the need for traditional fax machines and thereby eliminating toner, paper, and maintenance costs.

The windows based user interface allows users to receive, view and catalog faxes electronically.
Used independently, Fax Order Management provides one central repository for all faxed documents. Used
in conjunction with the Pre Reg Tracking and Outpatient Tracking modules, Fax Order Management
allows you attach patient documents (physician orders, referrals, H&P’s, etc.) directly to a patient record which
follows the patient on the date of service, once again, eliminating the need for a paper order.

Also Faxes for non scheduled tests are managed and allow for the document to be searched for and attached to
patient record on the actual date of service during Check-In or Registration.

Difficulty organizing faxed physician orders.

Lost or misplaced  physician orders.

Orders being faxed to multiple locations including Scheduling, Admissions, Diagnostics and/or Lab.

Looking to eliminate the use of paper and the costs associated with owning and maintaining fax machines.

Lost faxes increase registration times since physician offices need to be contacted to resend orders while the patient is waiting.

Physically transporting copies of paper orders to multiple locations so that the order is available to the staff on the date of service.

Registrars going to a central physical file location for each patient on the date of service to retrieve the order.
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